DBC Teachers

Lori Petrozzello-Karn

Lori Petrozzello-KarnLori Petrozzello-Karn has been practicing Buddhism in formal study programs with the New Kadampa Tradition for many years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and works in higher education. She finds Buddhist meditations to be a useful tool for finding solutions to daily problems.


Ed Graham

Ed Graham

Ed Graham, a librarian by trade, has been studying Buddhism with New Kadampa Tradition for several years. In his classes, he intends to emphasize how, with the application of Dharma, we can make all experiences and activities (even the seemingly unpleasant ones!) quite meaningful


Kelsang Dechok

Kelsang DechokKelsang Dechok is a Kadampa Buddhist Nun from Dharmachakra Meditation  Center. She is a lifestyle and nutrition consultant, and polarity therapist. She has been practicing meditation for 40 years, and has been a student of philosophy theology, and world religions. Dechok has 2children and 4 grandchildren.

Gina Plaitakis

Gina Plaitakis

Gina Plaitakis has been practicing Buddhism at the Dharmachakra Center for a number of years. She wishes to help others learn methods for improving their mind and to avoid negative states such as anger. Buddhism has helped her to let go of stress, improve relationships, and take life as it comes more willingly and joyfully. Gina has a degree in Fine Arts, is a certified Art Educator and teaches art in a public elementary school. She enjoys taking care of her young daughter

Lina Blanchet

Lina BlanchetLina Blanchet has been studying at the DharmachakraBuddhistCenter for the past two years.  She is a middle school teacher that understands the challenges that children and adolescents face today.  With warmth and love, Lina guides children in learning how to calm their minds, practice loving kindness, and develop compassion for all living beings.

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